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High quality information and resources to learn about and manage soil - all in one place. Explore evidence-based knowledge and information from scientific research and management guidance from farmers and industry.

Soil information to understand, diagnose and manage a vital resource

The Soil Quality Knowledge Base is a compendium of soil information with summaries of our current evidence base of soil knowledge alongside guidance and resources for effective soil management and understanding soil testing and analysis.

Soil information has been compiled and integrated from decades of soil research and scientific evidence, with peer-reviewed contributions from hundreds of researchers, farmers and advisors and partner organisations.

Understanding and managing soil

Local to global

Soil quality is critical to the entire planet. Most of the soil information applies to a range of regions and environments around the world, with a focus on soil properties and management in Western Australia.


Soil information has been compiled from peer-reviewed and evidence-based knowledge originating from independent research and education institutions and industry organisations.


Explore a range of resources for soil information and management in videos, case studies, illustrations, fact sheets, research publications, books, guides and more.

Synthesis of knowledge

Bringing together soil information from published research, the Soil Quality ebook series, first-hand landholder and industry perspectives, and grey literature to create a living legacy of soil knowledge.

Find out more about the information sources behind the Soil Quality Knowledge Base.

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Processes of soil nutrient supply to plant roots


Professor Richard Bell explains how plant roots take up nutrients from the soil by diffusion, mass flow, and interception.

Nitrous oxide greenhouse gas emissions from dryland cropping soil

5 min read

Quantifying the extent and timing of nitrous oxide emissions.

A ‘systems’ approach to managing sodic and alkaline soil


A combination of crop choice, water harvesting, gypsum application, maximising soil cover and no livestock, and then maintaining the...

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